The Texas Sunrise
12 May 2018
New brunch cocktails with the experts' touch
The frozen margarita at Wheelhouse is unlike any you've had before. There's something different, not sweeter, but fresher about it. "That's the splash of dry Curaçao," says the bar [...]
10 May 2018
Lone Star-studded beauty brands
This week's Indie Beauty Expo united nearly 70 global beauty brands under one roof—a one-stop super shop for press, retail buyers, consumers, and industry experts to meet and disco [...]
9 May 2018
But like, in a good way
Matching floral dresses. Nautical-themed suiting. Denim-on-denim ensembles. Mother-daughter dressing can (and very often does) go awry, yet there's something irresistible about min [...]
8 May 2018
The soundtrack to your next ride
If you've saddled a bike in one of Katelyn Morris's cycle classes at VITAL Fitness Studio, you were likely surprised by how quickly it was over. That time warp is thanks, in part, [...]
7 May 2018
Take a leaf, paint it pink. Now you're thinking like Peaches.
Kyle Branch is Peaches. He’s a lot of other things, too: a fine arts painter, a shopkeeper at Tenoversix, and a cooler-than-thou dresser. But when he’s painting gigantic monstera l [...]
5 May 2018
Pick up your copy of the summer issue
The summer issue of 1530 Main is out now! On the cover: a painted monstera leaf by floral artist and Tenoversix shopkeeper, Kyle Branch. On the inside, pages dedicated to a few of [...]
3 May 2018
70+ beauty brands bring their wares to Dallas
Los Angeles, New York... After hosting successful Indie Beauty Expo events in these major cities, co-founder of Indie Beauty Media Group (IBMG) Jillian Wright asked exhibiting bran [...]
2 May 2018
Tenoversix pops up in the Design District
Moms are notoriously tough to shop for. Instead of scrambling for a last-minute gift she might like or resorting to a gift card, stop by the Tenoversix pop-up shop in the Design Di [...]
1 May 2018
Commissary launches a new trend in Dallas
Behold, the mighty cruffin. The latest hybrid pastry—in a long line of legends like the cronut, the doughssant, and the duffin—it starts with flaky croissant dough folded and baked [...]