7 Jun 2018
The premiere of ISHI's new music video
Last night, local electro-pop-disco group ISHI debuted their new music video for "Galaxy Child" to a crowd at Traffic LA. (Custom charcoal-infused cocktails captured the outer spac [...]
6 Jun 2018
Light up the first night of summer with VITAL Fitness Studio
Last year, we celebrated the summer solstice (which also happens to be International Yoga Day) with VITAL Fitness Studio on the lawn in front of The Eye and it was hands down our f [...]
5 Jun 2018
Mesmerizing kinetic art exhibition at the Dallas Arboretum
Wind. Harnessed in sails and turbines, it can transport us and provide power. In violent storms, it has the power to devastate. It is also the force that moves the mesmerizing scul [...]
2 Jun 2018
Pagan rites, magic, and rebirth—shaken and stirred
Descend the darkened stairs to Midnight Rambler with the right frame of mind and an appetite for curiosity, and you can easily imagine you’re slinking into a sexy bacchanal [...]