31 Aug 2018
Moschino makes its way to Traffic LA
Moschino is extremes. Tough leather and fuzzy fur. Sexy and cartoonish. High fashion and low-brow pop culture. Its current Fall collection is no exception with black leather harnes [...]
30 Aug 2018
Wheelhouse kicks off the season with a BBQ rivalry
The Dallas vs. Carolina rivalry is like all good ones: fierce, long-standing, and highly contested. No, not football. We're talking barbecue. Personal references on this topic (and [...]
23 Aug 2018
You're an eccentric one, Virgo
Oh, Virgo. It's been a wild ride. This year, trust your gut to keep up. Forty Five Ten fragrance consultant Shasa Mitcham, picks the perfect scent to help you connect with your [...]
16 Aug 2018
Win two tickets to this weekend's hush-hush event
Summer’s winding down, but it’s not over yet. This weekend, our friends at House of Plates are hosting one last glorious toast to the end of the season: GARDEN///PARTY. The loca [...]
15 Aug 2018
Brr... Texas heat is no match for 111SKIN cryotherapy facials
Every where you turn, acids are touted as the silver bullet to flawless skin. AHA, BHA, all-natural fruit acids... anything to peel off the top epidermal layer that dulls the compl [...]
11 Aug 2018
Leo goes for the gold this year
Leo, this is your big money/career/glow-up year. Since you're going places Forty Five Ten fragrance consultant Shasa Mitcham, picks the perfect scent to go with you.  Leo  [...]
9 Aug 2018
Presentations as delightful to see as they are to eat
What’s it like to be the creator of the key lime tart that’s become Dallas’ most-Instagrammed pastry? “I’m actually surprised it has been such a craze, because we have so many beau [...]
7 Aug 2018
If you missed Sweet Tooth Hotel, you're in luck
When the pop-up art installation Sweet Tooth Hotel opened in Victory Park, it boasted an interactive tour of candy-filled rooms, Instagram opportunities galore, and an impressive l [...]