20 Sep 2018
Kissing plastics and pollutants goodbye
In a world where we’re making efforts to consume smarter, toss less, and value quality over quantity, Parisian beauty brand La Bouche Rouge is leading the charge in an industry tha [...]
The Standard at Wheelhouse
18 Sep 2018
“I’ll gladly pay you next Tuesday for these five cheeseburgers today” – Wimpy from Popeye
The Standard Burger Don’t let the name fool you. Wheelhouse's burger is far from standard! We aren’t talking your run-o’-the-mill Wonder Bread bun from a grocery store. Every aspe [...]
Balmain and Off-White Fall Runways
16 Sep 2018
Catching up with Carl Dias—Traffic LA buyer and industry veteran—about streetwear, showrooms, and...
How do you start each seasons buy? I’m always looking for pieces that are out of the box. For example, we go for the more unusual Off-White pieces—but not too crazy that it become [...]
15 Sep 2018
A girl, a dog and a supernatural walk into a cult…
It didn’t take a DeLorean to transport you back into the '80s on Thursday night during Claudia Dey's book signing at Tenoversix. The purples. The pinks. The pastels and Prince powe [...]
13 Sep 2018
Sensing serenity amongst the downtown skyline
Capturing the calm within a bustling downtown is a tall order—one that VITAL Fitness Studio is scaling five-stories to tackle on Thursday, September 20 with a sensory yoga class ho [...]
12 Sep 2018
Your last chance to get inside the mind of Japanese pop superstar Takashi Murakami
If you haven’t yet seen the Takashi Murakami retrospective “The Octopus Eats Its Own Leg”at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, what’s wrong with you? We’re kidding, of course, [...]
10 Sep 2018
What to wear to meet author Claudia Dey
This Thursday, September 13, Canadian author and fashion designer Claudia Dey will be posting up at Tenoversix to sign copies of her American debut novel, Heartbreaker. (Rumors of [...]
"Frisch’s Big Boy" by Lloyd Brown at Valley House Gallery
8 Sep 2018
Exhibits to make you nostalgic, annoyed, hungry, or excited—maybe all at the same time
Surrealistic images of the natural world, American highways and byways, a Space Race-inspired installation, plus hand-carved fast-food classics. Add in a “Battle Cry” from some gro [...]
The Room Sounds
7 Sep 2018
September's top five live music moments, according to Central Track
There's nothing better than having friends in the know—and when it comes to the Dallas music scene, you can't find anyone more plugged in than our friends at Central Track. Every m [...]
6 Sep 2018
Eat your pizza like the Italians do
When Commissary's Director of Culinary Operations, Michael Sindoni, returned from a research trip in Italy, he brought back a few souvenirs—and a new project for Commisary's bakers [...]
"In God We Trust"
5 Sep 2018
Kaleidoscopic collage artist Douglas Hale puts his thing down, flips it, and reverses it
In an era defined by digital personas and multiculturalism, nearly everything about the way we think is innately collaged. That observation lies at the core of local artist Douglas [...]
4 Sep 2018
VITAL Fitness Studio gets ready to tell it like it is
Progress can be an ambiguous target—especially when it comes to fitness. While measuring performance goals are great, it's even better to celebrate the physical manifestations of h [...]