24 Dec 2018
These ideas are sitting first class.
Whether it's for business or pleasure (hello, Biarritz) they're always taking off and touching down somewhere new. Give them something to remind them of you and increase your chanc [...]
23 Dec 2018
So good, these are worth buying in doubles
Here's the best part of shopping for your BFF: Just buy them the things you'd want. The only downside? You have to buy everything in twos so you can keep one of each for yourself. [...]
22 Dec 2018
Artisanal vinegars, a surrealist wine guide, and more...
Maybe they're a whiz in the kitchen. And maybe they're just really quick on OpenTable. Food is a passion, whether they're cooking, dining, or just reading about it. Give them somet [...]
21 Dec 2018
Wrap up some seriously good vibes
Their crystals are stockpiled, their house is saged, and their positivity brightens your world all year round. Give them something that suits their excellent aura (clockwise from t [...]
20 Dec 2018
(The one who's really, really, really hard to shop for)
Everything you've given him has come with a gift receipt taped to the box because you're no fool. This year, shop like you the hypebeast you are and give him something he really wa [...]
19 Dec 2018
RSVP "yes" and don't arrive empty handed
They always have a bottle of champagne chilling, they're a hell of a cook, and they so nicely looked the other way when you bumped melted wax on the tablecloth. Give your favorite [...]
18 Dec 2018
Salut! Cheers! Kanpai!
So, maybe they don't do it professionally, but their bartending skills make them the ultimate party guest. For cocktail enthusiasts, oenophiles, and home brewers: a few ideas that [...]
17 Dec 2018
Last-minute gifts—all under $50
So someone surprised you with a little something? Totally unexpected—you didn't see it coming. Now's the time to act quick and recover. Tell them you left their gift in the car and [...]
16 Dec 2018
Give substance—and a whole lot of style
Their home is #content, their taste level is high, and they know their Eames from their Rams. Give them something of beauty that'll earn the approval of their discerning eye (clock [...]
15 Dec 2018
Creative ways to support their new mission
Skip the chocolates; they're off sugar. And you can't do wine, because that's not keto. (Or wait, is it?) For the recently converted friend who now believes Goop-iness is next to g [...]
14 Dec 2018
High-wattage, ultra-glam ideas for 100-karat personalities.
They have a penchant for diamonds and a knack for sparkling conversations—the charmer in your life (Leo? Gemini?) deserves something extra extra this year. For them, only tokens wi [...]
13 Dec 2018
Surprise them with something delightfully analog
Tech obsessives are almost impossible to shop for because they're always going to beat you to what's new and next. That is, after all, why they're called first adopters. So as i [...]