21 Feb 2019
And thankfully, this one falls on a Friday
Monday was Presidents' Day and while some celebrated the three-day weekend with a ski vacay or jaunt to the beach, most of us just caught up on Netflix in pajamas. (Velvet Buzzsaw: [...]
16 Feb 2019
Traffic cones, waterparks, and the many inspirations of Josh Reames
Dallas-born, Brooklyn-based artist Josh Reames speaks in a visual language of digital symbols and cartoonish images. His complex paintings echo the glut of information we encounter [...]
13 Feb 2019
Smell like money with an exclusive fragrance you won't find anywhere else
To celebrate some of its most-loved destinations, perfumer Le Labo created the City Exclusives collection. Each fragrance captures the spirit of its neighborhood—and is only availa [...]
12 Feb 2019
A celebrity connection, precious stones, and the custom jewelry of James Banks Design
By its very nature, jewelry is personal—worn close to the body, always present, often gifted, and imbued with sentiment. But not all pieces are created equal. When it comes creatin [...]
11 Feb 2019
For your true love, sister, mom, BFF, and every cool girl you love
A Hallmark holiday? Ok, sure. But you know, it's really fun to surprise someone you ❤️ with something you know they'll love. Below, our editor's picks that every sweetheart wants t [...]
10 Feb 2019
This month in live music according to our friends at Central Track
There’s nothing better than having friends in the know—and when it comes to the Dallas music scene, you can’t find anyone more plugged in than our friends at Central Track. Eve [...]
8 Feb 2019
We talk to the Willy Wonka of Dallas
The Truman Factory comparisons to Charlie & The Chocolate Factory start with chocolate (obviously). And while there might not be a chocolate river running through the brand's D [...]
6 Feb 2019
Your chance to win two tickets to The Eye Ball
It's one of the most coveted invites of the year: The Eye Ball. Hosted by Headington Companies, the bash is an over-the-top celebration of the Dallas Art Fair for patrons, galleris [...]
5 Feb 2019
Dressing for the Lunar New Year
In celebration of the Year of The Pig (1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, 2019): what-to-wear suggestions in the luckiest color of all (from left to right). Romantic ti [...]
3 Feb 2019
Two ways to experience Sterling Ruby in Dallas
Ceramics, sculpture, collage, video—the mediums of Los Angeles-based artist Sterling Ruby's works vary as vastly as the topics they address, from Japanese handcrafts to the prison [...]
2 Feb 2019
The chicest new collection of workout gear—you can bet your A.S.S.
How does a designer who made his name with sheer bomber jackets and satin jumpsuits move into the world of spandex and nylon? Texas-born, New York-based Adam Selman drew inspiratio [...]