29 Mar 2019
The sound of your next workout
Instructor Dr. Brittany Korman has been flexing her muscles at VITAL Fitness Studios for just over a year now and bringing tons of energy to the team with her motto: Never stop mov [...]
27 Mar 2019
Everything’s coming up color and shape in Dallas’ best galleries
Dreamlike images, determined little cardboard houses, and two new spaces with Euro-centric focus programming are what’s currently in focus in the local scene. —Kendall Morgan  [ [...]
26 Mar 2019
The world of Virgil Abloh—or at least part of it
Breaking up is hard to do. Even harder? Maintaining multiple relationships at once. Such is the challenge before CEO and founder of Off-White, Virgil Abloh. In addition to a CV tha [...]
25 Mar 2019
Old-world dilapidation meets ripe bananas. Need we explain?
New York artist Tony Matelli’s world is a balancing act of the banal and the sublime. Case in point: his most recent series, “Garden,” which features seemingly unearthed ancient st [...]
24 Mar 2019
A masterpiece on display exclusively at The Joule
A work of magnitude unlike any before it, Murals of Tibet is a SUMO-sized collector’s edition documenting the greatest treasures of Buddhist culture—bound and captured in life-size [...]
22 Mar 2019
Your last chance to catch two remarkable exhibitions
That moment that just flew by? Yeah, that was the month of March. The jam-packed month heralding the start of Spring passed by so quickly, taking with it two exceptional exhibition [...]
18 Mar 2019
CBD Provisions brings back its beloved meat pie
We’ve got big news for those who like their pie savory, not sweet. A former fan favorite, the meat pie at CBD Provision  is making an encore on the bar menu. A delectable mix of al [...]
17 Mar 2019
Our current favorite objects for the office
2019 is officially the year of sparking jot, thanks to the queen of organization and happy spaces, Marie Condo. Fans of her book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, we've binge [...]
16 Mar 2019
Forty Five Ten opens its doors in Hudson Yards
This week—amid gathered designers, artists, loyal clients, and many new faces—Forty Five Ten officially made its New York debut. The luxury boutique's newest location (seventh over [...]
14 Mar 2019
Final days of Ian Davenport's multi-hued show at Dallas Contemporary
In British artist Ian Davenport’s adept hands, paint does casual loop-de-loops, trails in tidy Technicolor rows and bubbles from his epic canvases in vibrant pools. Throughout h [...]
12 Mar 2019
Dallas chefs play homage to asian cuisine
The past year has graced us with an influx of stellar spots. On the radar: half-a-dozen worthwhile destinations celebrating the dishes, complex flavors, and cooking techniques of t [...]
11 Mar 2019
Improve your mood—in under an hour flat
SENSORY PICK-ME-UP Roll on a little UKA, the collection of cuticle oils that double as aromatherapy.  TIME: 60 seconds or less FOR: Post-coffee slump; pre-bedtime routine WHERE [...]