15 Apr 2019
The Eye Ball's most surprising tradition continues
Who performed? Who wore what? What surprises were revealed? Along with the expected questions that arise post-The Eye Ball,there's one you wouldn't expect. What about the bathrooms [...]
15 Apr 2019
Enter the fancy and foul world of Vulgar Tea Cups
It started with one tea cup. Local mom Caitlin Schart (looking for a creative outlet and a break from parenting) posted a perfectly lovely vintage china cup emblazoned with a very [...]
15 Apr 2019
The garden party menu of The Eye Ball
Last year at The Eye Ball, guests dined on '80s food court hits. Think noodle salad in mini-Chinese takeout boxes, pepperoni pizza, and chicken bites with barbecue dipping sauce (a [...]
15 Apr 2019
How The Eye Ball turned into one hell of a tea party
A futuristic escape room? A robot garden? A pinball tournament? Rumors flew regarding the theme of the sixth-annual The Eye Ball as guests received their first clue: invitations in [...]
10 Apr 2019
Forty Five Ten hits the field with it's new spring campaign
Home of the Dallas Cowboys, AT&T Stadium is the world’s largest domed structure—an unparalleled stage for gridiron rivalry. Surprisingly, its halls also double as a world-class [...]
9 Apr 2019
The ARTofficial Guide to the Dallas Art Fair
To celebrate its 11th iteration, the Dallas Art Fair is bigger and better than ever. Although the Fair officially begins Friday, April 12 at the Fashion Industry Gallery, satellite [...]
9 Apr 2019
The artist behind a new pop-up exhibition at Forty Five Ten
No question New York artist Al Freeman has a dry sense of humor. Her first solo exhibition, Pillows, showcases household objects—a razor, an extension cord, a garden hose—fashioned [...]
8 Apr 2019
The secret to being the best guest: never arrive empty handed. For friend dinners or spring soirees, here are our favorite wines from Commissary that wow for under $25. [...]
5 Apr 2019
What Dallas artist Shamsy Roomiani has on deck this spring
Fact: Shamsy Roomiani might just be the nicest person you’ll ever meet. Another fact: The native Texan is a fiercely talented mixed-media artist with experience in printmaking, d [...]
3 Apr 2019
American history resurrected and re-imagined in a mixed-media exhibition
In Historic American Pop, currently on view at Fair Park's Hall of State, artist Laura Roosevelt uses mixed-media worlds to resurrect and add new energy into famous moments from Am [...]
2 Apr 2019
Mother Beverage - A sparkling beverage to improve health (and hangovers)
You’ve heard of apple cider vinegar (ACV) as a remedy for all that ails you. It has a cult following by celebrities and those in health and wellness circles, praising it as a cure- [...]
1 Apr 2019
A style-driven sneak peek of this year's theme
If you're going to The Eye Ball—the annual fête presented by Headington Companies to celebrate Dallas Art Fair—there's only one follow-up question: What are you wearing? This year, [...]