10 May 2019
A one stop shop for travelers, couples in love, passerbys, and last-minute shoppers.
In need of a last-minute Mother's Day gift? Look no further than Très, a Parisian-inspired update on the classic gift shop, with a focus on everyday gifting; whether it's for a fri [...]
7 May 2019
How to declutter your mind, body, and soul
Though the reality of fashion may not look like a scene from Devil Wears Prada—racing to an appointment buried under boxes of Hermès scarves—it is a high-pace (read: high-stress) i [...]
5 May 2019
Forty Five Ten brings the next wave of history to Texas Fashion Collection
Little D (that’s Denton, in case you didn’t know) isn’t exactly synonymous with high fashion. But tucked away in the small college town is a hidden gem of archived couture: more th [...]
4 May 2019
Forty Five Ten announces a new microgrant for digital artists
caryatid(car·y·at·id) - /kerēˈadəd,ˈkerēəˌtid/ a pillar in the form of a female figure used in classical architecture curyatid(cur·y·atid)- /kyo͝oˈrādəd,ˈkyo͝oˌrādəd a pillar [...]
3 May 2019
The city's coolest new jewelry collection—and the boy wonder behind it
Post-consumer, substantial, wearable… not typically words that come to mind when you think of fine jewelry. But then again, Felipe Tascon jewelry is far from typical. The collectio [...]