13 Jun 2019
Kick off the first day with VITAL Fitness Studio at The Eye
Three reasons to mark your calendar for June 21. 1. It's the first day of summer (solstice, yay!). 2. It's International Yoga Day (namaste!). 3. VITAL Fitness Studio is hostin [...]
11 Jun 2019
The skinny on what to watch, listen, and study for music aficionados in Dallas
For fans of the Dallas music scene, you'd be hard-pressed to find anyone more dialed-in than the writers at Central Track. Every month, its editor and founder Pete Freedman shares  [...]
10 Jun 2019
Summer is full of art to make any collector’s temperature rise.
It’s alllll about the female gaze RN—specifically two powerhouse photographers with two very different points of view, plus an immersive world of cartoon blooms. Add in works inspi [...]
9 Jun 2019
Artist Kris Ammon on why luxury should be playful not precious.
Since launching KCA Design in 2017, Dallas-based artist Kris Ammon has carved out a niche with luxury lovers who don’t take themselves too seriously and prize personalization. From [...]
8 Jun 2019
First in your clique to own a rose quartz roller? These emerging wellness finds are right up your...
HIGH SUN LOW MOON Herbal Smokes First things first. Yes, these are completely legal in Texas (and everywhere else, for that matter). These hand-rolled joints are of an innocent h [...]
7 Jun 2019
Win at Wheelhouse Friday Nights in June
It's not often your prowess in Whitsnake b-sides can get you a free drink, but hey, this summer is your summer.  Every Friday night in June we're hosting Name That Tune at Wheelhou [...]
6 Jun 2019
Need a date? Yeah, we can make that happen
Maybe you've had a bit of a dating dry spell. Or a rough patch. Or a losing streak. Whatever idiom you want to use, being single can have its ups and (lord knows) its downs. Hinge, [...]
5 Jun 2019
Seven reasons why we're excited about summer
With high temps and equally high humidity, Texas summers can be a beatdown. The best antidote? Lean into the summer vibes by listing all the reasons to actually get into the season [...]
4 Jun 2019
(Drop top)
This week, Nike’s highly anticipated collaboration with the influential Japanese brand, Undercover, will make its way to niche sneaker shops, opportunistic resellers—and now, Forty [...]
1 Jun 2019
Obsessed with the does-it-all Vintner's Daughter—again
It's hard to overstate the cult-like devotion Vintner's Daughter's Active Botanical Serum has garnered since it debuted nearly four years ago. Hailing from Napa Valley, the multi-t [...]