18 Oct 2019
A collection of fragrances inspired by the lyrical and cultural traditions of Japan lands in Dallas
John and Clara Molloy met in a ski-lift—a fitting start to a relationship that’s been centered on travel and more esoteric matters of air, molecules, and movement. Partners in busi [...]
17 Oct 2019
Forty Five Ten launches an exclusive collab with designer Sandy Liang
New York-based designer Sandy Liang is best known for her creative, cool, Lower East Side style. We love her tulle dresses, live in her teddy fur fleeces, and covet her neon hoodie [...]
10 Oct 2019
Cool work, (slightly)cooler temps—Dallas galleries are all in for Fall 2019
Identity is at the heart of what we’re excited about this autumn. Whether it’s establishing a unique viewpoint as a female artist, exploring what it means to be queer in the modern [...]
4 Oct 2019
Sisters Hannah and Hilary Fagadau unveil their artistic vision at the new 12.26.
What significance does a random date hold? If you’re Hannah or Hilary Fagadau, quite a lot. The siblings—and artistic partners—share same birthday (December 26th), which also happe [...]