26 Jun 2020
Sights and sounds from The Eye
A special thanks to everyone who came out over the weekend to join us at The Eye for a morning of civic participation and activism. Voters were registered thanks to amazing volunte [...]
22 Jun 2020
Two new artist’s perspectives join The Eye for the summer
It’s been seven years since Tony Tasset’s Eye was installed on the empty plot of land on Main Street across from The Joule. Dressed with green lawn, shrubbery, and stone planters, [...]
20 Jun 2020
Friends just call them Gossy
In the pandemic's (very, very fine) silver lining, you'll find new projects, businesses, and ideas that have sprouted from the fruitful soil of cleared calendars and decelerated sc [...]
20 Jun 2020
The downtown Dallas ties to the new made-in-Fort Worth film, Miss Juneteenth
Proprietor of The Joule, Tim Headington, is a busy man. He's an entrepreneur, developer, investor, and philanthropist who lets his diverse interests determine the projects he takes [...]