January 30, 2017

Five Questions with Vada

Designer Katie Caplener makes conflict-free jewelry in Texas.

Before you stop by the trunk show at TenOverSix on February 10, learn more about the line here.

Where does the name Vada come from?

Vada is my maternal grandmother’s name. I always wanted it to be my name, or the name of my first born, but I am impatient and decided to breathe life into it through my brand.

What’s the first piece of jewelry you remember making?

The first piece of jewelry I ever remember making was a lightning bug ring, I think in Texas they are fire flies. It’s pretty awful, but as a kid in Arkansas I would pull the flashing abdomen off of the little insects and stick them on my fingers. Sometimes they would still be glowing the next day, pure magic.

How has Texas influenced your designs?

Texas has been home for almost five years now. I love it here. The landscape and the people of Texas have completely captivated me. Weekend trips to San Antonio, Marfa, and Big Bend have provided endless amounts of inspiration.

Why is it important to you to use conflict-free materials?

I believe in keeping a close eye on every aspect of my products. It is important to me to know the source and the people behind each step. I think designers are becoming more conscious of the materials and labor that go into production and consumers are more aware of what they are buying.

What’s an important ritual that’s a part of your daily life?

The only structure to my current schedule are my daily morning rituals. Skincare has become super important to me. I feel like I neglected my skin for a long time, and now I’m obsessed with taking care of it. I use almost everything from Texas-based, Inventive Eco-Organics, and consult with my skin guru in Austin, Evette Richards.

The Details: Stop by TenOverSix on February 10 from noon to 4 p.m. to meet the designer and shop the trunk show.