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March 29, 2016

Airstream Dreams

Jewelry brand Miansai is taking the show on the road.

There’s something incredibly charming about Airstream trailers. Call us nostalgic, hipsters, or a combination of the two—we’re obsessed with that chrome exterior. (Hey: It’s a great opportunity for an Instagram-worthy selfie.)

And when the contents of the trailer are just as good as the exterior? Even better. Case in point: Miansai’s shop-on-the-go, housed in a ’58 Airstream and landing on Commerce Street outside The Joule for the next two days.

Inside you’ll find bracelets of custom-made marine grade rope and polished matte gold, vintage leather watches, and more, all decidedly nautical feeling. It’ll provide you with a little taste of the sea and for a second, you might even forget we’re in a landlocked city.

The Details: The Miansai Airstream Shop will be parked on Commerce Street outside TenOverSix (1511 Commerce Street) on March 29 and 30.