September 15, 2018


A girl, a dog and a supernatural walk into a cult…

It didn’t take a DeLorean to transport you back into the ’80s on Thursday night during Claudia Dey‘s book signing at Tenoversix. The purples. The pinks. The pastels and Prince power ballads flung into the aether and set the tone for the iridescent decade bound, set, and told through three narrative voices.

Claudia Dey’s latest novel takes its readers through the remains of a small-town cult and one teen’s search for her vanished mother. Amidst the eerie journey for answers—Billie Jean’s search for freedom and Pony Darlene’s existential crisis—Dey’s verbiage paints the perfect soundtrack and visuals. You can smell the Aqua Net, see the acid wash, and hear the Pat Benatar song sharing the novel’s title.

At Thursday night’s reading, Dey selected a passage narrated by the voice that everyone only hopes to hear in their lifetime: a dog’s. Part Two of Heartbreaker is told through the voice of an omnisciently observant, malevolent, and homicidally loyal dog. Dey’s shift in storytelling shows an aspect of humanity that often goes missed: hiding our darkest secrets with our furry friends.

Whether you’re pining for something to fill your ‘80s sci-fi void between seasons of Stranger Things, seeking a dark cult-esque story, or wanting to relive the glory days of the Reagan years, Claudia Dey’s Heartbreaker is ready to take you there. —Lucas Buckels

The Details: Available at Tenoversix along with a limited-edition sweatshirt. 1615 Main Street. Complimentary valet.