July 13, 2019


A summer flavor hits Weekend Coffee

“It’s like a latte… but banana.”

So, the concept behind the Bananarama Latte at Weekend Coffee is simple enough, however the process for making this limited-edition offering is anything but. The process starts with ripe bananas that are peeled and then steeped in milk. After blending  thoroughly, the mixture is strained and then chilled. Add a pinch of sugar, two shots of little espresso, and pour over ice. Hello, summer. (Who remembers watching Bananas in Pyjamas as a kid?)

The Bananarama Latte will be available for a limited time, so stop by before it slips away. (Sorry, but there had to be at least one banana pun in here for mass appeal.)

The Details: Weekend Coffee at The Joule, 1511 Commerce Street.