July 25, 2015


Tony Cragg’s sculpture is so beautiful you could eat it.

We’re enjoying a super sweet treat in celebration of the 1530 Main blog launching—white chocolate molded in the likeness of our Tony Cragg sculpture, Outspan, 2008. Executive Pastry Chef Ruben Toraño had a custom cast created in the likeness of one of our most recognizable art pieces, and can make the Outspan chocolate pieces for special events.

Cragg is a British sculptor who originally gained notoriety for his mixed-media mosaic works. More recently, you might recognize a few of his large, textured sculptures across the Dallas scene, including Outspan and Line of Thought. The latter piece can be spotted at the Rosewood Court, located at the corners of Cedar Springs and Pearl (are those faces or am I just hallucinating?)

The Details: Outspan is a bronze sculpture that was previously on display at the Nasher Sculpture Center. It’s now located in the Commerce Street Lobby. If you’re interested in taking a tour of The Joule’s 50+ piece art collection, the front desk can schedule one.