October 15, 2015

Blue, The Misfit

Don’t be fooled by producer-meets-rapper Blue, the Misfit’s name—while his beats may be non-conformist, he fits right in.

Los Angeles born and Dallas bred, Blue, the Misfit has been producing music for more than a decade. “In high school a friend introduced me to a program called Fruity Loops,” he says. “As goofy as it sounds, the program is so hands on and I fell in love. I still use the same program every day.”

His journey as a producer has led him to work with national names Kendrick Lamar and local artists like A.Dd+, Sam Lao, Sarah Jaffe, and Bobby Sessions. Making music was his main focus until about three years ago, when rapping became an option.

“As I grow as an artist, I like to dabble in new art forms,” Blue says. “It took baby steps to get to where I am now, but it’s been natural and organic; I’m not forcing it.”

As an artist, Blue’s voyage has just begun. His musical style has been labeled “experimental hip-hop,” which means you can expect a lot of sounds familiar to rock and electronic genres to show up on his rap tracks. “I’m a fan of all different genres of music, and I like to include aspects from other music that a normal hip-hop act wouldn’t have.”

See Blue, the Misfit perform this weekend at D-Town Throwdown. His set starts at 3:20 p.m. For the full event schedule click here. To check out his SoundCloud click here