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November 23, 2017

Just Beat It

There’s no Bieber in the boxing gym

“Do you have any Drake?” VITAL Fitness Studio instructor David Andrews gives a solid no. And don’t even ask about Bieber. While cycling and V3 classes may lend themselves to pop and hip hop, there’s no sing-along in boxing.

Andrews isn’t just trying to be tough guy. “In my classes, I like to play electronic/house music with lyrics you can tune out,” he says. “Boxing is really about mental focus and concentration, so you want a mix that’s high-energy but not distracting.” Trust the pro. Here’s his boxing soundtrack that doubles well as a running mix, too.

The Details: VITAL Fitness Studio, 1608 Main Street. $25 per class. Also available as part of a class package or for monthly members. Read more about Andrews here