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March 29, 2019


The sound of your next workout

Instructor Dr. Brittany Korman has been flexing her muscles at VITAL Fitness Studios for just over a year now and bringing tons of energy to the team with her motto: Never stop moving.

In between classes, we chatted about fitness and got her playlist of current workout faves. (Fans of Chance the Rapper, Drake, and Travis Scott rejoice!)

What’s your goal as an instructor?
I strive to be an instructor that challenges people physically and mentally to reach their highest potential.  Also, as a physical therapist, I hope that members can learn more about their form and alignment from my classes.

What’s your overall wellness philosophy?
It’s all about finding balance—creating and maintaining a healthy balance between exercise, food, friends, family… To me, exercise has a strong mental component as well as physical. I hope that when someone leaves my class, they feel their mind is leaving just as strong as their body.

Music is super important to the class vibe. What things do you consider when you’re compiling a playlist?
I teach in the mornings, so I’m always looking for songs that’ll keep the class energized and motivated in the early hours. I try to mix up the vibes each week so members don’t hear the same types of music. And on heavier strength days, I’ll incorporate stronger beats to get the class pumped up.

What’s your personal workout regimen like on a weekly basis?
Currently, I’m training for a spring triathlon so it’s a lot of cardio: swimming, biking, running… I like to mix it up so I don’t get burnt out! I love taking a mix of strength, pilates and HIIT classes.

Favorite recovery snack?
The açaí bowl from Nekter!

How do you ease sore muscles after a killer workout?
I try to incorporate yoga once a week as my active recovery. Also lots of water to help!

A lot of people struggle to keep their workouts consistent. Any tips on making it easier?
Always put your workouts on your calendar.  If you plan them in your schedule, you’re more willing to stay committed.

The Details: VITAL Fitness Studio, 1608 Main Street.