April 15, 2019


The garden party menu of The Eye Ball

Last year at The Eye Ball, guests dined on ’80s food court hits. Think noodle salad in mini-Chinese takeout boxes, pepperoni pizza, and chicken bites with barbecue dipping sauce (an homage to the heyday of Happy Meals). Boozy fruit punches came in Capri Sun-inspired foil pouches with crazy straws. 

This year couldn’t have moved further from that spirit. For the posh British tea party with punk overtones, Jeny Bania, Headington Companies Vice President of PR and Brand Marketing, challenged the catering team at The Joule to aim high—tea, that is.

“I walked the culinary team through the overall theme and decor of the event,” she says. “They’re such a creative bunch; they knew exactly where to steer the menu.”

A grown-up punch (based on the classic Sidecar) was poured into guests’ tea cups, while bite-sized British classics were passed. Hello, shepherd’s pie, beef Wellington, and (of course) fish and chips with malt vinegar. Boddingtons Bitter Pup Ale and Walker’s Meat-Flavored Crisps were imported from across the pond especially for the party.

Adding a bit of playful surrealism to plates: a few unexpected surprises like blue-dipped strawberries, Technicolor rainbow cake, and lemon trifle push pops.

And of course it’s not a true British affair without a bite of sticky toffee pudding. Thankfully, the chefs ticked that off their list, too.

The Details: Let The Joule catering team get creative at your next event. They can handle anything from an intimate dinner party to you own event at The Eye. Click here to inquire.

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