July 21, 2016

Burning for You

So was our editor’s apartment filled with evil spirits?

You’ve read the story about my spiritual cleansing (it’s okay, I’ll wait if you haven’t).

So now, a very important question: Was my apartment haunted?

I made the trek back to Garland with a fully-burnt ritual candle in hand. The inside of the jar looked pretty innocuous compared to the candles Frances had shown (and warned me about). Any black smoke would signal evil spirits were dwelling in my home. But the inside of mine was filled with a weird sort of milky-looking residue. I didn’t even know this was an outcome option—what could it mean?

When Frances looked down into my candle, she smiled. “This white smoke means that people who love you are watching over you at home,” she said. “There’s nothing bad here. You’re clean.”

Well, that was anti-climatic—but in the best way possible. (Just for the record—not wishing for evil spirits to haunt my Uptown apartment.)

Frances sent me on my way with a few items for some extra protection—a crystal necklace made using holy clay and a some lavender incense cones to keep the positive vibes going in my apartment.

Looks like I’m #blessed for now.