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June 23, 2016

Pretty Slick

All about The Spa at The Joule’s new body oil.

Not all beauty products were created equal. But you know that no matter what treatment you’re getting at The Spa at the Joule, it’s not only top of the line when it comes to technique, but also products.

New to the product lineup is Candela Oils, which are locally made by The Spa technician  Cynthia Walls (go to her for a Body Contour treatment, you won’t regret it). Here’s the skinny on the products, which can help with everything from asthma to a nasty hangover.

Where does the name come from?

Much like a joule, a candela is a unit that denotes luminous intensity. The oils are blended to help our clients balance the energy in their bodies and come away from their treatment feeling healthier and more radiant, so we felt like the name was appropriate.

What was your research and development process like?  

Years in the industry taught me that finding a product of this caliber and quality could be difficult. First we started by identifying the different effects we strived to get with our oil blends, typically the most common problems people are looking to address in a spa setting such as respiratory issues and muscle tension.  From there, creating the blends became a cross between an art and a science. The science being the rules of formation that dictate the therapeutic properties of each oil and how they come together, and creating beautiful scents that are intriguing and comforting is where it becomes more of an art form.

How does one use them?

There are a few different ways to use our oil. Our oils are made for both inhalation and topical application. Inhaling the oils creates a systemic effect on the whole body through the olfactory system, and applying the oils directly on the skin allows them to reach the blood system through the skin follicles. With our bath oil, just a few drops in steamy bath can give you both of those effects and afterward, applying the body oils gives a longer stronger effect.

Where did the idea for Candela Oils come from?

Candela started out because we had the need to provide our spa guests with a superior product. I wanted a massage medium that was as pure as possible with the most active, luxurious and fresh ingredients available so that the clients could get the most from each treatment.  The products I created for the Joule are approximately 95 -98% organic.  The essential oils used are of therapeutic grade and blended to have specific effects on the nervous, digestive, endocrine, respiratory and circulatory systems.

The Details: Try out Candela Oils while getting a treatment at The Spa at The Joule or pick up a bottle for yourself. 1530 Main Street.