March 16, 2016

Get Crafty at CBD Provisions

Ditch the green beer this year.

It’s time for you to step up your beer game this St. Patrick’s Day (okay, and every other day of the year). Instead of drinking that watered down name brand brew (we’re looking at you, Bud Light and Coors), try some Texas-made options at CBD Provisions.

There aren’t any brewing behemoths on this list. Instead, you’ll find a focused list of craft beers that are mostly produced in Texas. The majority of their list are single-time produced batches that have been aged, meaning these brews are hard to find. Take the Nebraska Russian Imperial Stout. Named “Black Betty,” this beer was aged in a whisky barrel, infusing the hops with both the flavor of the oak wood and the liquor. And at 13% alcohol content, you’re getting some bang for your buck.

And with CBD Provisions’ beer list, you can even taste the rainbow: from a super light IPA to an aged Whisky-stout, there’s something to please even the pickiest of beer palates.

Here’s CBD Provisions’ beer program, by the numbers:

  • 16 beers on tap
  • 10 “secret” brews you won’t find listed on the menu
  • Countless bottles and cans
  • 1 impossible to find: The debut of Odell Brewing’s Fernet Aged Porter has been long awaited. Now, you can get yourself a glass here.
  • 4 Swords: The beer, that is. Made by Deep Ellum Brewing in 2013, CBD Provisions has some of the original taps. After taking a nap in our cooler, the sharp notes have evened out. Instead, you’ll find a smoother flavor than the original.

The Details: CBD Provisions is located at 1530 Main Street. Make a reservation here.

Above, left to right: Oak Highlands, Dortmunder Lager; Prairie, Funky Gold; Texas Ale Project, American IPA; No Label, Ridgeback Amber Ale; Prairie BOMB, Imperial Stout; Nebraska, Russian Imperial.