May 7, 2019


How to declutter your mind, body, and soul

Though the reality of fashion may not look like a scene from Devil Wears Prada—racing to an appointment buried under boxes of Hermès scarves—it is a high-pace (read: high-stress) industry. “Does fashion have a mental health problem?” reads one particularly insightful Business of Fashion report on the matter. To manage, the team at Forty Five Ten has a little secret: Energy Practitioner, Cristin Cox. (Try to find someone in the corporate office who hasn’t visited Cox for a vibrational tune-up.)

Her Lakewood practice, Good Vibes Energy Works, lacks the expected accoutrements. No odd-smelling poultices or beaded curtains to be found. There are, however, tons of crystals strategically placed to funnel out the negative energy Cox extracts from clients. “You don’t want all that sticking around,” she explains.

Like her office, Cox is unexpected—not what you’d imagine when picturing a certified crystal healer. (You could never pick her out of a lineup at Forty Five Ten.) Her interest in alternative healing began with her own struggle with chronic fatigue syndrome. “I was in a constant state of anxiety and exhaustion for no reason I could understand,” she says. “A healer I met explained to me that I am an empath, literally soaking up other people’s energy like a sponge. Without realizing it, I was absorbing and carrying all that weight.”

Cox first took a Reiki class to learn how to control energy, then began exploring crystal healing and different energy modalities. Eventually, she left a stressful sales job to start her practice. “I wanted to find a way to turn my abilities into something positive for others.”

Sessions with Cox vary according to an individual’s needs, but one rule is constant: This is not a spa. “It’s not a place to relax or get a massage,” she says. “These treatments are for people looking for change and a different perspective.” Chakra clearing isn’t about removing bad luck or curses. “There are no such things,” she says. And it’s not about treating negative emotions, anxiety, or stress. “Often those aren’t the issue—they’re the symptoms, but I want to get to the root cause.”

Over the course of 90 minutes, she employs techniques like Tibetan sound healing, cordcutting, chakra balancing, and crystal therapy to channel energy and hit clients’ proverbial reset buttons. But Cox is careful to emphasize that the real power doesn’t come from the crystals, or from her. “It’s truly about your openness and readiness to change. I can’t do a darn thing for someone who isn’t ready to release and let go.”

The Details: Good Vibes Energy Works, 2212 Kidwell Street, Suite 102.