January 29, 2018


Bar & Garden is changing the way Dallas drinks, one small-batch bottle at a time

With big-box booze retailers cropping up on every corner, the neighborhood wine shop seems as rare as the butcher and the indie bookstore. But Bar & Garden aims to upend that trend. With an airy, light-filled space just outside of downtown and a focus on organic and biodynamic wines, as well as artisanal spirits and beer, the shop is a welcome antidote to the fluorescent-lit aisles of endless, uninspired bottles.

Owner and native Texan Dr. Jeffrey Fritz’s passion for unique and organic products is on display in every corner of Bar & Garden, from the artfully styled (read: Instagram-worthy) garden accessories and glassware to the meticulously curated selection of beverages and knowledgeable staff.

On a recent visit Julie Buckner Lane, Bar & Garden’s general manager, gave us the low-down on organic winemaking. (Spoiler: it’s not just about avoiding chemicals, though that it is a key element). “The store’s primary focus is on stocking wines free of pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides,” says Lane. “We also seek out wines that utilize native yeasts and are often dry-farmed, which means that the vineyard doesn’t use irrigation of any kind, only relying on what nature provides.”

Lane adds that the wines available at Bar & Garden are akin to clean eating, but they’re anything but boring. “Less intervention during the winemaking process can lead to some wild and unpredictable results, making this style of wine incredible to drink,” she says.

The shop offers tastings aplenty, making it easy for organic wine novices to explore risk free. If wine isn’t your thing, Bar & Garden also sells small-batch spirits that—like their vino offerings—are free from additives. There’s also an inspired smattering of beers, ciders, and shrubs. “We ultimately want to have fun with our wines, and encourage our guests to explore new things; we want to bring in the weirdos, the eclectic, the things you may not have tried before.” Salut to that. —Ben Smithson

The Details: Bar & Garden, 3314 Ross Avenue.