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October 17, 2016

Chic Cake

Samantha Cade creates edible art with a sprinkle of style.

Samantha Cade’s life is on a decidedly delicious trajectory. At just 22 years old, the self-taught baker has turned her sweet tooth into a burgeoning one-woman business, Cade’s Cakes.

H􏰗er signature flavors 􏰟(cotton candy, funfetti, and chocolate Oreo) make her creations stand out from other entrepreneurial epicureans. Themed desserts resemb􏰄ling everything from 􏰈Chanel 􏰄bags to 􏰒Mondrian paintings have made her a hit among those looking for both whimsical and delicious confections.

􏰃The D􏰑allas native discovered her culinary calling during a stint working at a bakery in high school. W􏰛hile attending the 􏰤University of 􏰃Te􏰎xas at A􏰙ustin as a b􏰄usiness ma􏰖or, she managed to sell an average of 20 cakes per week to her friends. After two years, she transferred to the International Culinary 􏰈Center in 􏰝New Y􏰧ork to refine her pastry skills, then nabbed a postgraduate job working under chef and author 􏰈Christina T􏰃osi. 􏰟􏰗(Her 􏰄bakery, 􏰒Momofuku 􏰒Milk B􏰊ar was called 􏰐one of the most e􏰎citing in the country” by Bon Appétit magazine.)

“It was my dream job,” Cade recalls. “On a slow day we’d make 5,000 cookies and during the holidays it would be 20,000. It was insane there, but I missed doing custom cakes.”

Cade returned to Dallas in October 2015, and soon found herself surprised by both the demand and the range of personalized requests.

“It’s all self-taught,” she says of her decorating skills. “You can’t look up ‘How do you make a 􏰈Chanel purse out of cake􏰨?’ P􏰢eople have craz􏰉y requests, but it keeps it interesting. Last week I made a ‘chips and queso’ cake and a bottle of V􏰁euve 􏰈Clic􏰔uot.􏰓 Fashionable treats are trending, and Cade recently created a Neiman Marcus shopping bag cake
and cookies frosted in the likeness of stylish accessories from Stella McCartney, Dior, and Golden Goose. Operating out of a combination of kitchens, she bakes around 35 cakes per week that retail at around $100 each. Her chic cookies start at $3 a piece and she will formally debut a whole new collection this fall.

“I’ll probably come out with a line that’s boots and j􏰖ackets,􏰓 she muses. 􏰐􏰋”I’m very into clothes, 􏰄but you’d never guess b􏰄ecause wear workout clothes every day, so this is my fashion outlet!”