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August 15, 2018


Brr… Texas heat is no match for 111SKIN cryotherapy facials

Every where you turn, acids are touted as the silver bullet to flawless skin. AHA, BHA, all-natural fruit acids… anything to peel off the top epidermal layer that dulls the complexion. Then there’s mirconeedling, a treatment that essentially uses tiny needles to cause imperceptible injuries that “trick” your skin into healing itself faster.

London-based 111SKIN is proposing a different approach. Founder and plastic surgeon Dr. Yannis Alexandrides focuses on strengthening skin and repairing the damage done by free-radicals and aging. “It’s all about hydration and healing,” says New York esthetician Sylwia Gorzkowska. “All of the formulas are lightweight and highly effective, while staying suitable for sensitive skin.”

Sans powerful exfoliants and acids, 111SKIN uses innovative ingredients and advanced methods of delivery. Take, for instance, the Bio Cellulose Facial Treatment Mask. The plant-based sheet mask is 500x finer than its fabric competitors, which means nutrients can penetrate deeper into the skin. (Licorice root brightens, silk amino acids moisturize, and centella asiatica stimulates collagen production.)

“The hero product is the Y Theorm Repair Serum. It was the first product created by  Dr. Alexandrides,” says Gorzkowska. “People in his clinic loved it so much, it inspired him to create a full line. It also contains the brand’s proprietary NAC Y2 formula.” Those letters and numbers aren’t important to remember. Just take note that it’s this blend of peptides and antioxidants that gives 111SKIN products their oomph.

Gorzkowska will be at Forty Five Ten August 15 and 16th performing complimentary cryotherapy facials. But if you miss her, you can recreate the mini-experience at home by slipping one of the brands award-winning sheet masks into the fridge before applying it at night. Gorzkowska is a fan of the Bio Cellulose Facial Treatment and the Celestial Black Diamond Eye mask, but it’s worth mentioning that the Rose Gold Brightening Facial Treatment mask is a backstage favorite among Victoria Secret models—ahem, sorry—angels.

The Details: Forty Five Ten, 1615 Main Street. Email rsvpbeauty@fortyfiveten.com to snag a last-minute cryotherapy facial.