February 20, 2017

Clean Up

Tata Harper’s tips to living a clean life.

Tata Harper is living the dream. The Colombian-born skincare guru founded an all-natural, organic skincare line out of her Vermont farm—and the multi-tasking products have helped me clear up my eczema (bless).

Inspired by the change she’s created in my skincare routine, I wondered what else Harper has to teach me. Could she unlock the secret behind breaking my sugar addiction? How to hit that new mile PR? Maybe not. But when it comes to living a happy, balance life, she shared what works for her. Now actually incorporating that into your daily life is up to you.

Tata’s Tips for Living a Cleaner Life

Tata’s Tip: Exercise. It reduces stress, makes you feel good, and keeps your body strong. I’ve always exercised since I was little, and it helps center me a lot and think more clearly. How to do it: Vital Fitness Studio. This Main Street gym can help you sweat, no matter what’s your style. Yoga, cycling, and TRX classes are just a few of our favorite ways to keep tone up and de-stress simultaneously.

Tata’s Tip:  Meditate. “It helps me relax my mind, by shutting down my thoughts and focusing on breathing. I feel recharged and refreshed afterwards, and it’s been central in helping me learn to live more in the moment.” How to do it: Post-snooze and pre-gym, take a moment in bed to breathe deeply and set your intention for the day.

Tata’s Tip: Eat Well. “I really believe that improving your quality of life through the food you eat will ultimately make you happy. The same way pollution creates havoc in our environment, eating chemicals and processed foods does to our bodies and our skin. Eating healthy, whole, organic foods helps you feel better and more energized, and knowing that you’re doing something good for yourself and family gives peace of mind.” How to do it: Keep those resolutions going strong (or start them! It’s never too late) with healthy bites from local eateries. Some of our favorites include the farro salad from Mirador, juice from Vim + Vigor, and bone from from Stocks + Bondy.

Tata’s Tip: Dance. “Having time to dance and be with friends is very important to me. In Colombia there’s dancing everywhere you go. Making times for those moments of carefree joy is really powerful and fulfilling for me.” How to do it: We get that Thursday night is a school night. But DJ Sober’s weekly session at Beauty Bar isn’t to be missed. On Saturday nights, It’ll Do’s light up dance floor is always calling our name.

Tata’s Tip: Live life for this moment. “For me, this means staying focused on what’s happening right now. People often spend so much time delving into the past or, like me, living in the future, so you never really appreciate where you are. I’ve spent a lot of time working on staying present, especially when I’m with friends or employees, to really listen and understand them. It makes me feel like I’m living life to the fullest.” How to do it: Take everything above and go!

The Details: Feeling inspired? Shop the Tata Harper Skincare line at The Spa at the Joule, go dancing at Beauty Bar, and exercise at Vital Fitness Studio.