December 19, 2016

Clean Up

Wary Meyers combines function and style into one pretty package.

Soap. It’s a daily essential. (At least, we hope you treat it that way.) So why not have grooming products that are as pretty as they are necessary?

John and Linda Meyers run stylish soapery Wary Meyers out of their Cumberland, Maine home. But these aren’t just any old bars—inspired by geometric art and design, the brand is known for their artful soaps.

“We’ve always been fans of stripes,” Linda says. “Especially Frank Stella paintings, old Marimekko designs, Massimo Vignelli’s New York Subway map, and Ettore Sottsass Superboxes. So, making bars of soap that are striped—in our minds, at least—elevated the ordinary into the design realm.”

All of the glycerine soaps have a 100% pure vegetable base, and are paraben-, phthalates-, sodium laurel sulfate-, detergent-, and alcohol-free. A variety of the bars are available at our favorite stylish home wares shop, TenOverSix. 

When it comes to equipping their own home, The Meyers’ don’t have a favorite. Instead, they match the soap to each bathroom’s personality.

“There’s a peach-colored bathroom downstairs, so we have the Esprit de Peach there; and a pink bathroom upstairs, with our Pink Champagne, and in the marble bathroom we have the Terrazzo soaps (Astral Shower and Cosmic Yuzu). But every bathroom looks good with Sea Air, or Cedarwood and Vanilla. There’s a soap for every room!”