November 4, 2018


Downtown’s source for cold-pressed cups of affirmation

 In a bright little spot where local artists’ work hangs on the walls, Ana Jones serves up custom smoothies, made-to-order organic juices, infused nut milks, tonics, and teas—and positive motivation. Jones grew up in Mexico, where easy access to inexpensive fruits, vegetables, and juices sparked an interest in healthy eating. After earning a bachelor’s degree in nutrition from San Antonio’s University of the Incarnate Word, she moved to Dallas in 2013. She opened I Am The Juice Place two years ago, answering the need for fresh organic options downtown, and bridging the gap between what’s fast and convenient and what’s good for you.

As an additional shot of inspiration, drinks are named with affirmations. “I Am Strong” is a smoothie blend of banana, strawberries, and cinnamon; “I Am Wild” is cucumber/ apple/kale juice spiked with jalapeno, lemon, and ginger. “We write the affirmations on the cup,” says Jones. “If you come to the shop and order ‘I Am Relentless’—one of my favorite smoothies right now—we’d write ‘Hilary is Relentless.’ It’s to give you a little boost of strength, love, or some kind of powering force. It’s about more than just juice.” —Hilary Lau 

The Details: I Am The Juice Place, 211 North Ervay Street.