July 21, 2017

Cocktail Hour

The shot to get your weekend started

The Drink:  The Rally

Where: Weekend Coffee

When: Friday, 7:00 p.m.

What’s in it: Bourbon cream, Frangelica, half and half, and a double shot of espresso

Sweet, boozy, and caffeinated—a perfect trifecta to kick off the weekend. You can only enjoy this cocktail (designed to be taken in one shot) during Weekend Coffee’s extended summer hours. Soft serve ice cream and cake by the slice are also on the menu with flavors rotating weekly. Other coffee cocktail possibilities include a spiked dirty chai and a cold brew and tonic. Feeling adventurous? Baristas will be happy to whip you up something custom with Amaretto, Frangelica, Kahlua, and more.

The Details: Summer desserts and longer hours at Weekend Coffee are happening Thursday – Saturday until 9 p.m. 1530 Main Street. For more info, call 214.261.4545