February 22, 2018


Why we don’t need an extra reason to have a margarita

The Drink: Blood Orange Margarita

Where: Wheelhouse, in front of a TV playing the Winter Games

When: Optimally today (National Margarita Day) at 5:30 p.m.

What’s in it: Tequila, blood orange, lime, and agave with a salt rim

We’re Texans; we need no extra incentives or reasons to order a margarita. Frozen, on the rocks, spicy, with salt or without—we’re on board. So celebrating National Margarita Day is like celebrating a Friday. We’re happy to participate in the holiday, but we would’ve done it naturally anyway.

The Details: Wheelhouse, 1617 Hi Line Drive. Free valet.

Cocktail Hour: Hot Buttered Soul
Cocktail Hour: Bloody Mary
Cocktail Hour: Zephyr Palmer
Cocktail Hour: Aperol Spritz