February 9, 2020


Prepare to fall for The Perfect Pear Martini

They say nothing in life is perfect. But they—whoever they may be—clearly haven’t had The Perfect Pear Martini at Mirador. Mixologist extraordinaire Alex Penny spills the tea on what makes this particular cocktail so very magical.

Key Ingredients: Fresh lime juice, pear liqueur, Żubrówka vodka (which has a unique flavor because it’s made from bison grass), and ripe Forelle pears. These specific pears don’t grow year round and must be in-season.

Flavor Profile: A balanced, citrusy martini with a significant amount of pear flavor.

Menu Pairings: Frisée and Pear Salad or Tuna Crudo.

The Process: “Before measuring and shaking, we rinse and peel the pears, using the peels for a light simple syrup. Then, we dice the pears and immediately combine them with the Żubrówka vodka, minimizing oxygen exposure to prevent the pears from browning. We store this simple infusion in a cool, dark place for 48 hours. After two days, we strain the concoction using fine cheesecloth. Next, combine ingredients into a small shaker tin, shake vigorously, and pour into a martini glass. Garnish with the remaining ripe pears. Cheers and enjoy!”

Parting Thoughts: “This martini shares a few similarities with one of my all time favorites: The Daiquiri. Most bartenders know the daiquiri as a cocktail that’s simple yet highly critiqued because it requires the proper ratio of lime to sweetener for balance. Both drinks also have a limited list of ingredients. The simplicity and freshness of the ingredients used, when combined with the selected spirit, create a drink anyone can enjoy.”

The Details: Mirador, 1608 Elm Street. Available for a limited time.