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January 15, 2019


Dallas by way of Paris: beauty that’s a made-to-measure fit

You’re one in 7.5 billion—and so is your skin. Your complexion is uniquely yours, and for better or worse, it’s constantly changing. With day-to-day variations in everything from weather to diet to hormones, the skin woes you face today likely won’t be the woes you’ll face tomorrow.

Recognizing the complex nature of each individual’s skin, brother-sister duo Julien and Amandine Azencott launched Codage Paris in 2010. The siblings (with model good looks) hail from a family of doctors, dermatologists, and pharmacists. Drawing from their heritage, they founded the skincare brand with a personalized shopping approach à la that of a French pharmacy.

The Codage boutique in Paris

Previously available exclusively at its boutique in Paris, the Codage experience has made its way to stateside thanks to The Spa at The Joule. The subterranean spa recently added the brand to its highly curated product lineup, and perhaps most importantly, introduced a custom facial unlike any other treatment in the U.S.

The Codage method is tailored; each element of the facial from the cleansing to the peel is targeted to the needs of your skin. After an assessment, the aesthetician will build a custom Codage serum (the brand’s superhero product) that’s chocked full with active ingredients called Nutri-Elements to use during the service.

Taking a cocktail-like approach to serums, the brand offers both “haute couture” formulas—e.g., those made-by-demand and then shipped to you—and “ready-to-wear” formulas, which target specific needs like redness and antiaging. Serums can be used individually or mixed and matched to create a bespoke formula.

At first blush, it sounds complicated. But the premise is actually quite simple. Feeling dry today? Add Serum No.1 to your regimen. Looking for a little extra glow in the morning? Add No.3.

Inspired by the periodic table, each product label features a collection of symbols representing its Nutri-Element combination of active ingredients. Mix and match these elements—et voilà—you’ve created your very own custom code (or codage in French).

For maximum efficacy, serums include up to 70 percent active ingredients, including mineral and plant extracts. (ICYDK: This is high.) And while Codage newbies typically get to know the brand via its serums, the collection features a full range of cleansers, masks, and creams you’ll surely want to experiment with.

 The Details: Available at The Spa at The Joule, 1611 Main Street. For reservations email thespa@thejouledallas.com or call 214.261.4555. See the full treatment menu.