April 24, 2017

Detox Rocks

Charcoal comes out of the grill and into your beauty routine

Detox Rocks
Activated charcoal is a little scary looking—especially when you’re faced with the prospect of ingesting it. But the organic compound, a medical-grade spin-off of the stuff you throw on the barbecue pit, is touted for its detoxing properties for both the body and environment. Here are three fresh ways to work it into your daily routine.

The Face Mask
Never mind that it’s branded for guys; the Niven Morgan Volcanic Mud Mask is an equal opportunity beautifier. The multi-tasking mask simultaneously hydrates, exfoliates, and tones—our face has never felt so soft after a simple 15-minute treatment (that also happens to make for dramatic selfies).
The Details: The Spa at The Joule, 1530 Main Street. thejouledallas.com

The Lemonade
Danced all night? Sip on Local Press + Brew’s The Day After Juice. The black liquid—a blend of alkaline water, lemon, raw sugar cane juice, and activated charcoal—is a great antidote to those morning-after feels. Consider it detox from the inside out.

The Details: Local Press + Brew, 1605 N. Beckley Avenue. localpressbrew.com

The Body Wash
Made by Texas-based apothecary Moon Rivers Naturals, the organic Peppermint + Hawaiian Lava Salt Bath & Body Wash combines black lava salt and activated charcoal to give skin a light detox. Coconut and jojoba oils moisturize, while peppermint essential oil adds a refreshing tingle.
The Details: Jade & Clover, 2633 Main Street. jadeandclover.com