February 25, 2016

An Intro To Dry Brushing

How to do it, and why you should be.

Cellulite. It’s a dirty word in the beauty industry—but not something you’re sentenced to dealing with for life, because thankfully, there are ways to fight this c-word.

For those of you who feel skeptical about cyrotheraphy (hello), we’ve got an at-home technique that will not only help fight cellulite, but also detox your lymphatic system simultaneously. We love a good multi-tasker. This isn’t a “no pain, no gain” situation—Biologique Recherche’s version of dry brushing is so easy it can be done at home in three simple steps.

Here’s how it works.

  1. Don the rubber massage mit. It’s double sided—the side with the smaller nodes is for exfoliating, the larger helps moisturzing agents like lotion or oil to penetrate your skin. Because of the amazing exfoliating properties, we suggest using the smaller size pre-shower, then moisturizing after you’ve rinsed off.
  2. Start with the smaller side and rub the skin while dry. You want to massage in an upward motion, brushing toward your heart in long strokes. Take time to focus on your abdomen—this will help with digestion, flushing out your entire system.
  3. Once you’ve showered, cover your body in a moisturizing agent, and using the same techinque in step two, begin to work it in. Options include the P-50 lotion for body (an extra exfoliant) or the Biologique Recherche Anti-C for some extra anti-cellulite help.

The Details: The Biologique Recherche massage glove, plus accompanying treatment kits, are available at The Spa at the Joule starting at $41.