Featured Home Wellness
September 30, 2016

Elixir Fixer

Five all-natural potions to cure what’s ailing you.

Drink, shoot, or slurp… Dallas has all sort of all-natural potions to cure whatever’s ailing you. (Yes, even a hangover.) Here’s 5 places to get your healthy foodie on.

Green Juice

Why: Reading the label is key here—look for all-vegetable juices that deliver vitamins and minerals without the sugar found in fruit-based options. Studies show that imbibing a bottle of the green stuff regularly can improve cholesterol and kidney health, plus it’ll help you get your recommended daily dose of veggies.

Where to find it: Whether you’re looking to wake up or chill out, Brewed + Pressed in West Village has you covered. We like to transform their Vivid Green Juice (romaine, celery, spinach, dandelion, kale, and parsley) into a vegan shake with bananas and almonds soaked in salt water, which helps you absorb the heart-healthy fats a little easier.

Bone Broth

Why: There’s some science behind the old wives’ tale about drinking soup when you’re sick. Broths not only help you stave off a cold but also improve joint health and promote glowing skin. Thanks to the amino acids and collagen from bones steeped in apple cider vinegar and water, you’ll also be battling cellulite.

Where to find it: Tucked inside the Dallas Farmers Market’s newly opened food hall is Stocks and Bondy, a high- end soup kitchen that offers a variety of liquid nourishment, including chicken, beef, and fish broths. Sip the bone broths solo or skip the boxed stocks and use as the base for your favorite soup.

Ginger Shot

Why: Fighting off a nasty hangover from taking a different kind of shots? Ginger will help your digestive system get back on track while reducing that unfortunate morning-after nausea and bloat.

Where to find it: Oak Cliff’s vegan eatery Spiral Diner will grind one of these up fresh for you. If you aren’t ready to handle the zest, mix it in with a smoothie for added benefits.


Why: This naturally fermented drink is filled with probiotics and enzymes that aid in digestion, detox the body, and help boost your immune system.

Where to find it: CBD Provisions has perfected the craft of brewing kombucha, turning out new batches weekly and seasonally rotating flavors. Standouts include Thai Fighter (lemon with a spicy ginger kick), Persimmon Power (fruit with spices), and anything chai-based.


Why: Minimal whole ingredients and low sodium are key to a healthy gazpacho. Traditional bases (tomatoes, olive oil, garlic) are known to help lower blood pressure, cleanse your lymphatic system, and improve eye health.

Where to find it: The juice cleanse gurus at Vim + Vigor have added seasonal “Savory Sips”—cold gazpacho soups—to their more fluid offerings. Found at Whole Foods, the bottled potages are the perfect lunch on the go.