November 19, 2015

Elm Street Tattoo Festival

Friday the 13th proved lucky for those looking to get inked.

Sometimes you find yourself in a room full of needles, even though you’re violently scared of even getting a flu shot. That was the case this past weekend, when I decided to stop by the second annual Elm Street Tattoo and Music Festival to take in the local scene. Hosted by Elm Street Tattoo (where our favorite unofficial model Josh Arseneau works), phsychobilly band The Reverend Horton Heat rocked out while willing participants got some ink.

Inside The Bomb Factory you could find everybody from laced-up looking business men (what were they hiding under their suits?!) to people who looked like they didn’t have space for another tattoo on their body. I was especially impressed by a woman who casually reclined in repose as she got a neck tattoo. Sitting next to her, a guy got a shoulder tattoo—while he wept.

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