November 29, 2016

Eye Spy

Sayran’s style stares back at you.

It’s pretty well known that we love a good eye here at 1530 Main. From spin class out in front of Tony Tasset‘s to passing by Richard Phillip’s groovy interpretation in the Main Street lobby, we’re seeing them everywhere.

So when Saryan‘s designs popped up on our Instagram feed, it seemed serendipitous for a few reasons. One: We are superstitious. Two: The designer hails from Dallas. Three: We had just lost our evil eye bracelet. (I mean, what kind of sign is that.)

Her eponymous jewelry line is filled with the mystical symbol and will not only have you looking stylish, but generating good juju, too. While the evil eye is nothing new (it dates back 3,000 years), Sayran’s interpretation of the symbol is totally modern. Gold charms adorn velvet chokers and emerald eyes in a repeat pattern are transformed into a body chain.

“The eye is a form of protection from the negative eyes that may look your way, on top of any hate, shade, or bad vibes that are thrown in your direction,” she says. “Above all else, the eye is a positive reminder to trust yourself, to always have faith in your own intuition, and to let your higher self guide you towards your destiny.”

Sayran, who comes from a traditional Middle Eastern family, grew up with the eye everywhere in sight.

“My mom had an eye of protection on almost every wall of our house, so I have always seen the eye as a positive energy, helping to ward off any negativity that surrounds us,” she says. “My Kurdish background plays a huge role in everything I do and aspire to do. Who would I be without the blood and sacrifice of my ancestors? Not me.”

The Details: Shop Sayran’s entire line here.