June 5, 2017

Face Goals

The most tried-and-true skincare rules

Over the years, esthetician Rula Sharkawi has stored up a treasure trove of skincare wisdom. But what has she personally found to be the most effective? Here are her rules for the quickest ways to see the biggest improvements.

(Not-so) Secret Weapon
“The go-to product I recommend for everyone is the Lotion P50 from Biologique Recherche. This exfoliating toner was a game changer for my skin. Not only does it stop breakouts, it leaves my skin feeling fresh, bright, and balanced. It comes in several different formulations depending on your skin type, including a new Lotion P50 PIGM 400 made specifically for those dealing with hyperpigmentation and dark spots.”

Cool it
“Washing my face with cool water definitely helps tighten my skin and pores.”

Clean Act
“Washing my face every night before going to bed is essential. I prefer to do a double cleanse. Oil cleansers (like my favorite from Tata Harper) are great because they wash away makeup and residue from the day without drying or irritating. Just make sure you follow with another cleanser that suits your skin type to wash it all away and keep your pores super clean.”

Inside Out
“You’ve heard it before, but drinking plenty of water is key for healthy skin. When I haven’t been drinking enough water, I noticed the difference right away. It keeps my under-eye area from looking dark and my overall complexion refreshed. Really, eating healthy and getting plenty of rest are the best skin—and life—tips.”

Hands Off
“It can be tough to remember, but get in the habit of never touching your face. It’ll spare you the germs, dirt, and oil that cause breakouts.”

Forever Young
“The top thing I recommend over and over again for those wanting to maintain a youthful appearance as long as they can: SPF. We’re exposed to the sun every day, even when it’s gloomy. Before leaving the house you should always apply sunscreen. And don’t forget the top of your hands. Often overlooked, they’re the most exposed during daily tasks like driving. To protect your skin from harmful effects of UVA, UVB and infrared rays I recommend Bioloqique Recherche Protection U.V. (SPF 25+).  It’s lightweight enough to wear under makeup.”

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