June 5, 2019


Seven reasons why we’re excited about summer

With high temps and equally high humidity, Texas summers can be a beatdown. The best antidote? Lean into the summer vibes by listing all the reasons to actually get into the season. Margaritas, tan lines, barbecues… We’re starting our list with seven new reasons from Commissary. The bakery/cafe/gelateria just launched a new lineup of summertime gelato flavors, including Hibiscus Rhubarb, Black Sesame, Kiwi Coconut (vegan), Salted Caramel, Strawberry Elderflower, Peach Sorbet (dairy free), and Vietnamese Coffee. Get a scoop, get a scoop for a friend, and commiserate about the heat together. Cheers!

The Details: Commissary, 1217 Main Street

Ice Cream vs. Gelato. What’s the Difference?