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August 18, 2016

Follow the Light

What an LED Facial is really like.

Between the crazy heat of the summer and an, ahem, active social calendar, my skin has been looking less than stellar recently. Whether it’s shiny or I’m lazy when it comes to washing my face at the end of the night, it’s become the problem child of my beauty routine, and I knew something needed a reboot, ASAP.

Instead of trying a treatment that involved strange chemicals or serums (hello, placenta), I was intrigued by the new LED Light Facial that The Spa at The Joule recently added to their repertoire. Using the highly acclaimed OxyLight Machine, this treatment combines three powerful skincare hero treatments—light, oxygen, and microcurrent—into a single five-step treatment.

Multitasking to get myself looking pretty? Count me in.

After washing my face with a gentle cleanser, Rula examined my skin under a blacklight to identify areas we needed to focus on. It felt a bit like an interrogation—I swear, I wear sunscreen every day! After a little discussion, we decided to work on pigmentation (a side effect of my Middle Eastern heritage), clearing up a few areas where I frequently had breakouts, and continuing to fight aging (something I’m obsessed with).

First up, microdermabrasion. This isn’t your typical sand-blasting technique. Instead, a vaccuum-like tube is applied to areas on your face, gently sucking up your skin and exfoliating. This removed the topmost layer of dead cells, making your skin more receptive to the rest of the treatment.

Next, Rula gently patted a custom potion of serums on my newly exfoliated face, then used oxygen therapy to help it further permeate my skin. The application technique is similar to an airbrush tattoo—your face is sprayed with an extreme concentration of O2, which feels like a cool, targeted misting. Thanks to that tricky sensory deprivation tank experience, I’m a little claustrophobic now, which means this part of the facial was slightly uncomfortable—but as they say, beauty is pain.

Steps three and four involved microcurrent and ultrasound probes gently massaging my face. While I’ve heard of microcurrents shocking people during facials, I experiences no such issues (#blessed). Instead, I reached a state of serious bliss while Rula slowly massaged my face in a circular motion with each of the respected hand piece. The former helped with stimulating blood flow and increased muscle tone in the area, and the latter increased intracellular absorption of the applied serums.

Finally, we made it to the step I was most curious about: LED light therapy. Rula placed tiny tanning goggles over my eyes and lowered the trifold lamp on my face. Of course, I instantly had the urge to sneeze and hit my forehead on the machine. After that, though, I mimicked a turtle and basked in the light.

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Through my eyelids, I could sense the imitation rave going on in my treatment room. Periodically the colors would cycle through: red to increase collagen and speed up cellular growth; green to fight pigmentation; blue to kill bacteria; and purple to fight redness. And while it felt akin to laying in a tanning bed, Rula assured me—there were no harmful UV-rays involved in this light treatment.

After about 10 minutes, this step of the treatment was finished. Off the bat, my skin felt so smooth. You guys, like nicest-suede-you’ve-ever-felt smooth. The next day, people who had no clue about my treatment told me I was glowing. (And I don’t mean in a baby bump way.) The congestion on my chin was on its way to clearing up, too. If only going to a rave could do the same for my skin.

The Details: Book your appointment (come on, you know you want to) by dialing The Spa at The Joule, 214.261.4555.