December 20, 2015

From the Concierge: The Season of Giving

The Joule’s chef concierge waxes poetic on gift giving.

Andrew Bottomley is at your service. Whether you’d looking for tickets to a concert or an off-the-beaten-path taco joint to hit the sweet spot, our chef concierge has your covered. 

We all have that friend: somebody who is truly, utterly impossible to shop for. And then, when the holidays arrive, we have to buy them something. Great.

For those who are visiting the city and looking for the perfect gift for a loved one back home, shopping can be a circus. “Oh, I saw this thing the other day at this place I can’t remember, do you know what I am talking about? Also, you know that really hard to find thing that nobody can get… where can I get it?”

At the concierge’s desk it’s something I hear quite a bit and it gives me the chance to delve in to my Santa-sized bag of tricks to find the perfect gift or experience that a guest is looking for.

So for all of you stuttering on the regiments of gift giving, try the three step concierge guideline to finding that perfect thing, for that perfect someone:

1) Make it Personal. If you can drive that personal connection between yourself and the recipient, the experience will be heightened. By highlighting a shared experience, or something you know you both enjoy, the gift will have legs, and so will the relationship.

2) Make it Creative. While breaking the bank for the latest and greatest gadget is all well and good, it is not always viable. The more creative you are, the more thoughtful you will be, and the more thoughtful you are, the better your gift will be received.

3) Make it Useful. Nothing goes down better than giving a gift where you hear “I can actually use this!”