June 7, 2018


The premiere of ISHI’s new music video

Last night, local electro-pop-disco group ISHI debuted their new music video for “Galaxy Child” to a crowd at Traffic LA. (Custom charcoal-infused cocktails captured the outer space theme of the video, which told a story like animated short.) The band is known for its cult-like following in Dallas, so many in attendance knew this was not the first video ISHI has created with animated filmmaker Chase Gillman. Previously, he had directed and animated “Emotional Hard Drive.”

With “Galaxy Child,” Gillman uses spaceships, asteroids, and stars to play off the song’s sentiments of vulnerability and breakthrough. We talked to frontman JT Mudd more about the video…

How did you connect with Gillman?
“I believe we met through my guitar player at the time, Rocky Ottley. Chase introduced himself to Rocky at his work and said he’d like to do a music video. I reached out to follow up, and boy, am I glad that I did! He is a true talent and such a pleasure to work with.”

Why did you choose Galaxy Child to be the next song to make a music video for?
“It was the first song that Brad Dale and I had completed after our second record. It was planned to be the title track of our third album, so we’d been sitting on it for sometime now. At this point, it felt ready to go.”

Did you come up with the video’s concept?
“When I work with other creatives, I like to give them a blank canvas and allow them to make the first broad stroke. I think it’s important when you trust another artist that it becomes a collaborative piece, so I asked Chase to do that.”

You perform “Galaxy Child” at most of your live shows. What are you thinking about when you’re singing? 
“When I experience a Zen moment singing the song, I think about the times I was vulnerable and able to cry and not be judged by a significant other or a close friend. I remember how freeing it felt to let go in a safe place, and try to emulate that spirit.”

What’s next for ISHI?
“Always writing new music! My goal this year is to release more singles and videos. I plan on splitting my time in Dallas and Nashville to turn up some new opportunities.”

Last question: What’s happening tomorrow night?
“So excited about this show! The event, Psychedelic Spaceship, is presented by Disco, TX. It’s a themed party for you to use your imagination and dress up as a space creature or your favorite alien—and there will be a UFO sighting you don’t want to miss. We’ll be doing two sets, so get there early.”

The Details: Psychedelic Spaceship with DJ Blake Ward and Mr. Kitty. Trees, 2709 Elm Street. Tickets on sale here