November 30, 2015

Get Comfortable in Boulezar

“Good design is not only beautiful, but also functional.”

We’d like to make a bold statement: fashion designer Sebastian Kaiser is a modern day superhero. His line, Boulezar, is billed as “Comfy Couture” and we can’t disagree. From the super-soft fabrics to the fact that the line is famed for their sweatpants, it’s a major focus. But there’s also another important key to Kaiser’s designs—you’re not having to give up form for function.

Yes—you can have your comfy clothing and look chic in it, too!

To celebrate the line coming to TRAFFIC LA, we chatted with the designer all about how he makes everything so darn cozy and cute at the same time. It’s the perfect read on for this chilly fall day.

1530 Main: What does “comfortable” mean to you?

Sebastian Kaiser: We all strive for comfort in all aspects of life—from our living room to the bed we sleep in, the restaurant and the hotel we go to, the business lounge and the business class we are willing to pay more for. Comfort is quality of life and we create fashion with which you no longer have to sacrifice it for a good look. True comfort is more than a perfect fit and comfortable feel though. Comfort also lies in the amenities of functionality, attention to detail, a thought through design and a fair product. In this fast paced world we need clothes that we can wear to any given occasion throughout a given day, whether at home, traveling, at work, or for dinner while always feeling well-dressed and comfortable.

1530: What’s the secret to a perfect pair of sweatpants?

SK: Your overseas flight is on a Sunday afternoon. You get up in the morning on that rainy Sunday with no plans or duties until your departure. You get in your perfect sweatpants that give you all the comfort you had only minutes ago while still in bed. You spend a relaxed day at home while slowly preparing your trip. Still wearing those pants you take your seat in the business class knowing it will be a relaxed and comfortable flight. Before landing preparations begin you go to the bathroom to refresh and change into a white shirt. An hour and a half later you sit at a dinner table with a dear friend of yours that you haven’t seen in a while, who hasn’t even noticed you are wearing sweatpants.

The perfect pair of sweatpants do not look like such but regular pants with all the comfort of your favourite jogger. They can be combined with a shirt and a dinner jacket to be worn anywhere and anytime. They are always made from a high-end fabric, produced under fair working conditions, and made to last a lifetime.

1530: How does fabric make a difference in your clothing?

SK: Fabrics form the main building block to any collection and make all the difference, especially in ours. We are using only the finest fabrics sourced from small to medium-sized family run businesses in Italy and Japan. This way, we can not only guarantee a fair production process but also an impeccable quality of our materials. However, it is not only the quality, the way they feel, and fall that is important to us; but also if the fabric can be washed, how it changes when being worn and if its suitable for traveling. Each fabrics is therefore extensively tested to make sure it fits our quality standards. Since we are producing our collections exclusively in Germany we also need to make sure that the materials we use are of the same quality as the craftsmanship that is invested to create the garments.

1530: Your pieces have some unique names. Where do you come up with

SK: Each collection is named after song-titles from our favourite iconic bands and artists. Previous collections included Nina Simone, The Rolling Stones, Billy Idol, and Bob Dylan.

1530: What’s your favorite piece you’ve ever designed?

SK: One of my favorites is certainly our hoodie Karma Man in all its different fabrics ranging from cashmere, cashmere/merino to cotton and JoggJeans. It was designed for all the need while traveling and has been improved for that further each season. It now comes with hidden zipper pockets, thumbholes and even micro fabric linen inside the pockets that cleans the screen of your smartphone while you keep in it. Good design is not only beautiful but also functional.

Check out the Boulezar line exclusively in the United States at TRAFFIC LA