May 12, 2016

Get Your Fermentation On

The skinny on the health trend.

For the uninitiated, fermented foods can be intimidating. Raw ingredients are transformed into probiotic wunderkinds via the process of lacto-fermentation, resulting in probiotic foods that help with detoxing and restarting your digestive system.

Think of it this way: Your health starts with your digestive system, and when it’s out of whack that means toxins aren’t being processed out of your body properly.

Whether you’re looking to start simple with fermented foods or go all in, CBD Provisions has plenty of options to keep your road to a healthier lifestyle tasty, too. Executive chef Richard Blankenship gives some advice on where to start:


Pickles. But not just any pickles—these need to be the natural version, not the dyed-green vinegar type sitting on the shelf unrefrigerated. “When you shake the jar and it becomes cloudy, those are live cultures,” Blankenship says. “That’s what you want.”


Hot sauce. We know, you’ve got it in your bag (#Beyonce). Top your meal with this simple ingredient to add some spice into your life, tastes buds, and digestive system. With ingredients like yeast and vinegar, it’s sure to start the detox—fast.


Kombucha. We would describe this cult beverage in four words: raw, fizzy, probiotic tea. Whether you’re looking for something to take on the go (we love Holy Kombucha because of the awesome flavors and backstory) or to enjoy with your meal (ahem, CBD Provisions’ new brew incorporates flavors of lemon and honey), it’s an easy way to get some fermentation in your life.