October 24, 2016

Getting Carded

These tarot cards always yield a pretty picture.

Work. Love. Money. The future. You want to know your destiny—and if you’re superstitious, you might just find it in the tarot cards.

But having your tarot read can also be a risky endeavor. Maybe you’re going to hear something you don’t like, or even worse, didn’t want to know. And while we can’t help you with a bad reading, we can make your tarot card reading just a little more artful.

TASCHEN has reinvented the traditional tarot cards into total masterpieces thanks to Salvador Dali. Pictured above, the 78 cards feature the artist’s unique surrealist renditions of known symbols and characters like the Magician, the Lovers, the Moon, Death, the High Priest, and the Empress. (Legend has it that “Live and Let Die” producer Albert Broccoli commissioned the deck in the ’70s and is who we have to thank for the work.)

So with Halloween coming up, we think it’s time you light some incense, sit down, and have your cards read. And even if you don’t like what you see—at least it’s a pretty picture.

The Details: Pick up a deck of your own Salvador Dali tarot cards at the Taschen Library, 1530 Main Street.