December 15, 2018


Creative ways to support their new mission

Skip the chocolates; they’re off sugar. And you can’t do wine, because that’s not keto. (Or wait, is it?) For the recently converted friend who now believes Goop-iness is next to godliness, here are a few stocking stuffers (read: super affordable gifts) that’ll boost their wellness resolutions into the new year (from left to right).

  1. Fun colors and glitter make hydration a little more fun. (No wonder it’s a best seller.) Glitter Water Bottle, $26.
  2. Individual packets of superpowered herbs to help them stress less, glow more, and feel energized.
    Moon Juice, The Full Moon Dust Sachets, $35.
  3. Complement their workout routine with a vegan, non-dairy protein fortified with herbs that boost focus and energy.
    Moon Juice Adaptogenic Protein, $50.
  4. Complexion-reviving rose with good vibe-cultivating sage remind them to pause and breathe deeply.
    Fat & Moon Sage & Rose Face Mist, $10.  
  5. Bad vibes out; good vibes in. Send this little bundle with a pack of matches and a mantra.
    High Sun Low Moon Sage Bundle, $12.

The Details: Shop these wellness gifts—and a whole lot more—downtown at The Hotel Shop, 1530 Main Street. 

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