October 24, 2016

Give Thanks

CBD Provisions provides the perfect formula for a drama-free holiday.

Thanksgiving dinner. It’s an intimidating—and often polarizing— meal. No matter what you cook or how you do it, something’s bound to go wrong. Turkey too dry? Your mother-in-law will never forget it. Sweet potatoes topped with marshmallows missing from the table? That’s a crime against humanity.

If you’re tempted to ditch the whole undertaking for dining out, fear not: The food whisperers at CBD Provisions have your back when it comes to taking over the big meal. Eschew the cooking and cleaning completely and come by the restaurant to partake in your plate-o-thanks, where there will be turkey and fresh takes on classic side fixins’ waiting for you. Sounds like your family has a new tradition—with an open bar.

The Details: Reservations recommended. CBD Provisions, 1530 Main Street. 214.261.4500. Website here.